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Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm Veo Insulin Pump

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The Paradigm Veo insulin pump takes diabetes management to a new level, giving you and your family the freedom you deserve. Every waking – and sleeping – hour the pump helps you to keep your glucose levels stable, which means you can get on with enjoying life.

The Paradigm Veo is not just any pump.
This pump has been designed for You.

In a world first it takes diabetes management to a new level.
The Paradigm Veo is equipped with a Low Glucose Suspend (LGS) mechanism, which will automatically suspend insulin delivery whenever your glucose levels are too low, which can help to reduce the risk of severe hypoglycaemia. And being a CGM-Ready pump, the Paradigm Veo system can offer you the insight ofContinuous Glucose Monitoring as well. Giving you all the information you need to make the right decisions.

While research shows that CGM helps manage diabetes better, we also understand that not everybody is ready or able to monitor their glucose levels in this way. That’s why we refer to our pumps as CGM-Ready. It simply means that you can switch CGM functionality on or off at any time – depending on your preferences and requirements.

With the CGM function off, you get to use all of the advanced features of the pump itself, like the basal programmes, bolus types and Bolus Wizard® for example.

No other insulin pump can give you this level of protection.

medtronic minimed paradigm veo insulin pump

There is no other insulin pump quite like this. For starters, it will:

And in a world first, the Paradigm Veo is also equipped with a Low Glucose Suspend mechanism, which will automatically halt your insulin delivery when your glucose levels are too low to help to reduce the risk of severe hypoglycaemia.
This is a really exciting innovation!

A Feature Packed Pump…..

Even if you don’t want to use the CGM features of the Paradigm Veo all of the time, this pump is jam packed full of advanced features:

  • Smart & Safe - with the Bolus Wizard® to do the calculations for you to suggest bolus amounts quickly and easily, as well as different basal programmes, temporary basal rates and changeable active insulin curves for really precise control.
  • Freedom - Have the freedom to set your own routine – eat, sleep & exercise when you like. With a minimum basal rate of 0.025 U per/hr and maximum bolus of 75 unts, this is our most flexible pump ever
  • Easy to use - With a really simple and intuitive menu, a ‘back’ button and minimal button presses to get to the features that you need. The large font and backlight gives clear on-screen instructions at a glance.


Capture events lets you keep track of exercise and other activities on your pump without a seperate logbook, missed meal bolus reminder means that you won’t forget to deliver a meal bolus, alert lead navigation gives you even fewer button presses for you to get to menu items, and linguistic changes have made the pump instructions even clearer. Not to mention that this pump is now available in a ‘Pretty in Pink’ colour and is our lightest weight pump!

Don’t Lock Yourself Out of CGM!

When you choose your insulin pump, you choose the pump for the warranty period, which is currently 4 years for all manufacturers. So the choice you make is important for your needs now and the future. Think how much has changed in the last 4 years? All sorts of things have increased in availability, from iPods to iPhones. As reimbursement changes over time too, the CGM landscape that is changing already will continue to develop – 4 years is a long time.

Choosing your Pump………

We understand how difficult choosing an insulin pump can be. We3 have listed a few of the key features and benefits in a table below so that you can easily compare the Paradigm Veo with a range of other pumps on the market.


Minimum basal rate of 0.025 U/hr Set basal rates as low as 0.025 U/hr and adjust by increments as small as 0.025 U/hr This is ideal if you only need very low amounts of basal insulin (e.g. very young children or insulin sensitive users)
Maximum bolus of 75 U Delivers up to 75 U in a single bolus This is ideal if you have high insulin demands or you are insulin resistant

Ease of use

Intuitive Navigation Menus are modified automatically to speed up navigation to important screens You don’t need to press as many buttons
Simple Instructions Improved menus for reservoir and infusion set changes. Quicker and easier for you to change your infusion sets

Glucose control

Active Insulin Onboard Informs you of active insulin on several screens where bolusing may occur Helps prevent stacking of insulin – particularly useful if you tend to overcorrect
Missed Meal Bolus Alert Warns you when a meal bolus seems to have been missed Can help to avoid hyperglycaemia
Predictive Alerts1 Alerts you when glucose levels are likely to cross a high or low limit You don’t need to wait for the alert of actually crossing a limit anymore and your reaction to this can help avoid hypo- or hyperglycaemic excursions.
Rate of Change Alerts1 Alerts you when glucose levels are rapidly rising or falling Your reaction to this alert can help avoid hypo- or hyperglycaemic excursions
Trend Arrows1 Reveals how fast and in which direction glucose has moved over the past 20 minutes You can be aware of your glucose level trend at a glance and can help avoid hypo- or hyperglycaemia
Low Glucose Suspend1 Automatically suspends insulin infusion if glucose levels fall below a specified limit Aims at preventing potentially severe hypoglycaemic excursions

Glucose Therapy Management Software

The Paradigm Veo is supported by CareLink™ Personal - quick and easy Software used to to download your insulin pump and BG meter online and turn the data into a few easy reports. The CareLink™ reports give you and your healthcare provider clearer insight into your personal glucose patterns. Register here to set up your account.
Its easy to set up and get started – all you need is your CareLink USB (to read your pump data) and your pump.

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